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Chiropractor SEO for a Chiropractic Website

Full Circle Consulting has shown significant web traffic results for many of our Chiropractic website clients. While we didn’t set out to specialize in Internet Marketing for Chiropractors, we are slowly becoming the experts when it comes to marketing Chiropractic websites.

One of the key success factors for any Chiropractic practice is the conversion of new patients. New patients are the key for any successful Chiropractic business. Of course, how to get those new patients as a constant flow is what is most concerning when marketing your practice. That is where internet marketing plays a huge factor, especially concerning Chiropractic SEO. More and more people are going on-line in search of help for their health conditions. Traditional medicine, while still prominent, has given way recently to alternative health providers, such as Chiropractic, in order to heal many human ailments. As Chiropractors have become more popular and more proven, the internet has become the #1 manner in which to attract new patients to a practice.

Our proven ability to select the right keywords and keyword phrases for each Chiropractic website is a key to our success. Knowing what potential clients are searching for when they look on-line for a Chiropractor is paramount to managing a successful internet marketing campaign. Full Circle Consulting has managed to get our Chiropractors on Page 1 for many of the most popular keyword searches for Chiropractic offices.

Our Chiropractors have seen the following results from Chiropractic SEO with Full Circle Consulting:

• Our Chiropractic clients have added 20-30 new clients per month
• Our clients in general have seen between 40% – 200% increase in web traffic visits
• Our clients in general have seen between 75% – 200% increase in page views
• ROI is realized within first 90 – 120 days of our services

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  1. Rusty-Reply
    November 21, 2010 at 9:59 am

    Wow, this certainly sounds like a niche firm. I know some consulting firms have specialties but it sounds as if you have taken that to a a new level. Adding 20-30 new clients a month is quite impressive, I’m sure the chiropractic community is more than grateful. This is an interesting post, thanks for the information.

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