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Web Analytics

What can web analytics do for your business? In short, for many small businesses, it can mean the difference between increasing profits or losing profits. We assist our clients by tracking, optimizing and analyzing the data provided by web analytics. Merging traditional offline marketing strategies with today’s digital online marketing strategies allows us to help clients make the right decisions for their online marketing campaigns.

It is not uncommon for businesses to spend outrageous amounts on fancy analytics software, producing beautiful colorful presentations and reports. Great, but what does the data mean? What are you doing with the data? Full Circle Consulting will help you manage your web analytics by providing the data, reports, explanations AND the necessary recommendations for your marketing campaigns to be successful.

We utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to make good campaigns better and discontinue or tweak the campaigns that are unprofitable. KPIs will measure the pace of your marketing goals and if they are being met. We use web analytics to make the necessary corrections and decisions.

Multi-channel marketing efforts such as PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns and offline campaigns can all be measured by analytics and Full Circle Consulting will help you manage them.