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Local Business Search

Has your business taken advantage of local search engine listings? There are numerous search engines out there now providing free listing services allowing local businesses to appear front and center on mapping result pages. In the example below, we entered ‘chiropractors in temecula’ in a Google search. Note several of the listings with letters that are referenced in the map image on the right.  These are Free listings, and are currently appearing higher than natural (organic) ranking results.

The search engine algorithms are rewarding local businesses that have a local presence by listing them on map results, creating an excellent opportunity for increased website visibility for local businesses. What’s the catch? Well, creating a successful listing could be time consuming and without understanding the guidelines and correct actions to take, your business may experience delays of appearing in those crucial top areas on the map results.

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Full Circle Consulting understands the guidelines necessary to create a successful listing.

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How do the search engines rank the map results?

Lets use Google as the example. Google Places and Google Plus listings allow business owners to create a business listing. Google uses a formula based on the following:

• Relevant keywords to the search terms
• The number of citations (customer reviews)
• The local information (address, phone numbers, etc) provided in the listing, matching information on the website
• Proximity of the address to the center of the city or region

There are many more algorithmic criteria that Google, Bing, Yelp and Yahoo Local listings use to rank your local business. Full Circle Consulting will work with you to create and optimize listings to maximize your ranking potential.