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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the single most important aspect of any successful SEO campaign. We begin every project with a thorough and comprehensive keyword research process. When done properly, effective keyword research will be the basis of generating targeted and relevant traffic to your website. On the contrary, if the keyword research is incomplete or done improperly, website owners will struggle with results.

For those unfamiliar with keywords and keyword phrases, they are the words that people use to search for websites via the Search Engines. For instance, if someone wanted to find a dog walking service in San Diego, a good keyword phrase to enter into Google, Yahoo, Bing or other Search Engines would be “dog walking service in San Diego”. Typing in “dog walking” or “walking my dog” may not return the best results. Search Engine companies use very complex algorithms aimed at serving their users the best possible results. It goes without saying that choosing the right keyword and keyword phrases for your website could be the difference of a substantial amount of relevant web traffic.

Generally speaking, as the number of searches for particular keywords pertaining to your business increases and the competition for the same keyword phrases is low, the more valuable those keywords are to your website. Full Circle Consulting assists each client in identifying their target niche and demographics to perform the necessary keyword research and analysis for their website. Contact us today to learn more.