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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for small businesses is becoming more important than ever. Most medium to large firms spend large sums of their marketing budget devoted to drive more targeted traffic to their website. But SEO is not a luxury only large companies engage in. In fact, your company may be the perfect candidate to leverage the reach and power of the major Search Engines. Why not utilize Google, Yahoo and Bing to your advantage? Your competitor might be.

The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a website’s traffic counts, and ultimately, conversions. This is achieved by ranking very high in the results of searches for the keywords in a particular search query. Full Circle Consulting’s SEO services all take a custom approach by following a multi-step process based on your goals. These steps include researching the keywords used by your targeted audiences, integrating text and tags into your site and several other requirements that all represent pieces of the pie needed to promote your search engine visibility.

With economic concerns continuing to loom, our small business clients are more focused with their Return on Investment (ROI) and every dollar that is spent. As search engine optimization becomes a larger focus in 2011, our clients are noticing an increasingly higher ROI. Full Circle SEO Consulting implements the most current and ethical SEO techniques at affordable rates.

Simply owning a website will not bring you traffic. This a common mistake some small business owners make. “Hey, I paid good money for my company website and the phone isn’t ringing.” The “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” idea doesn’t necessarily apply to websites.

Numerous small businesses come to us explaining how their previous SEO company or internal internet marketing efforts had little effect on their website visibility. Full Circle SEO Consulting will only apply web strategies that are deemed necessary with your best interests in mind.

Pricing for SEO Services

You may find all sorts of price ranges out there with package deals and value discounts. Like fingerprints, no two websites are identical. This is why we take extra care at pricing our services. In an effort to list some sort of numerical value, our monthly rates have ranged from $300 to $1800. We are happy to discuss the specifics of ‘what you get’ for our expert help. We also understand that most small businesses are not as familiar with the details or value of SEO services, which is why we provide full disclosure and detailed explanations every step of the way. We’ll even analyze whether or not your current SEO service is worth the price you’re paying.

Whether you need a kick-start or a full SEO campaign, we’re here to assist and answer your questions.

Contact us today to increase your website traffic with our affordable search engine optimization services! We can also run a site analysis for you at no cost.