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Attention Small Business Website Owners!

According to a recent article published by eMarketer, an eye tracking study shows search behavior by internet users tend to follow organic search results more often than paid search engine advertising. What does this mean? Well, it confirms that internet users are getting more savvy in terms of ignoring paid results to find what they are searching for. Strong and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are becoming more important than ever for small businesses trying to get noticed in the increasingly competitive fight to be found on the internet. This is also good news for any small business that may not have the budget to compete with pay-per-click advertising and would rather spend their marketing dollars on an experienced internet marketing company providing SEO consulting services.

Search Behavior

The study illustrates that organic results appearing on Google and Bing “were viewed 100% of the time, and participants spent an average of 14.7 and 10.7 seconds looking at organic search results on Google and Bing, respectively.  However, only 28% of participants looked at right-side ads on Google” The eyes don’t lie!

While this might help job security comfort for small business web design and internet marketing companies (like ours), there continues to be an education gap in terms of what local businesses perceive that they truly need and can’t live without. Some companies still have the sense that if you build an attractive website, the flood gates will open and all their worries will wash away with a cool looking website. Don’t get me wrong, our company specializes in building top notch web site designs built with strong SEO framework. But if we just designed websites for our clients and walked away, more often than not, their phones won’t start ringing. A good website design will often times be the deciding factor IF customers find the site in the first place.

The research and data that we find from web analytics (for all of our clients) points to SEO and website design as the leading internet marketing solutions and quickest return on investment.

Mobile App Development

With over 1.3 billion mobile internet users worldwide, you can’t afford to ignore the rising number of people accessing your content from a mobile device. Many of our clients receive roughly 30% of their visitor traffic via mobile devices. Learn how Mobile Apps can immediately connect your customers to you and increase sales to your business.

Fashion Websites & Blogs

Fashion companies & bloggers have their own style, voice and message to relay to the world. We have worked with many fashion companies and bloggers, from well-established to up-starts. We’ve assisted them in translating their fashion vision into a captivating on-line presence. Learn how we can help increase the exposure of your brand.

SEO – Internet Marketing

SEO for small businesses is more important than ever. SEO is not a luxury only large companies engage in. Let us help your business leverage the reach and power of the major Search Engines and connect to your future customers. Why not utilize Google, Yahoo and Bing to your advantage? Your competitors might be.

Website Development

Our professional web development services are affordable for any size business. We ensure your website provides you the maximum exposure your business deserves. Our approach, professional design skills, accompanied by our knowledge of creating an SEO framework that consistently drives traffic to your site, will set you apart from competitors.