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FullCircle Consulting Announces New Website and SEO Client – MauiCondos.com

FullCircle Consulting has just completed a new website for MauiCondos.com. MauiCondos.com has been around for over 10+ years and brings over 40+ years of experience recommending condos and resorts in Maui, Hawaii. The old site really needed a facelift and we were happy to produce a new website for owners Andrea and Jill Thomas. The latest site offers an easy to navigate interface allowing visitors to browse the many condos and resorts available for rent in Maui. It also has a fully integrated blog and is integrated into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you need to book a vacation to Maui, MauiCondos.com offers free service to all of it’s clients and provides superior personal service.

For condo or resort rentals in Maui, go to www.mauicondos.com.

New Website Launch – Verlain Shoes – Women’s Oxfords

We just completed a website for our new customer – Verlain Shoes.

The shoes are made in Los Angeles, CA and are a brand new line for designer Mark Lu.

These shoes are currently in their first-round of production and we hope they are a big hit.

If you have a chance, please visit Verlainshoes.com and check out the latest style in Women’s Shoes.

The client wanted a very simple and clean look for his website and we think we gave him that.

Attention Small Business Website Owners!

According to a recent article published by eMarketer, an eye tracking study shows search behavior by internet users tend to follow organic search results more often than paid search engine advertising. What does this mean? Well, it confirms that internet users are getting more savvy in terms of ignoring paid results to find what they are searching for. Strong and effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are becoming more important than ever for small businesses trying to get noticed in the increasingly competitive fight to be found on the internet. This is also good news for any small business that may not have the budget to compete with pay-per-click advertising and would rather spend their marketing dollars on an experienced internet marketing company providing SEO consulting services.

Search Behavior

The study illustrates that organic results appearing on Google and Bing “were viewed 100% of the time, and participants spent an average of 14.7 and 10.7 seconds looking at organic search results on Google and Bing, respectively. ¬†However, only 28% of participants looked at right-side ads on Google” The eyes don’t lie!

While this might help job security comfort for small business web design and internet marketing companies (like ours), there continues to be an education gap in terms of what local businesses perceive that they truly need and can’t live without. Some companies still have the sense that if you build an attractive website, the flood gates will open and all their worries will wash away with a cool looking website. Don’t get me wrong, our company specializes in building top notch web site designs built with strong SEO framework. But if we just designed websites for our clients and walked away, more often than not, their phones won’t start ringing. A good website design will often times be the deciding factor IF customers find the site in the first place.

The research and data that we find from web analytics (for all of our clients) points to SEO and website design as the leading internet marketing solutions and quickest return on investment.

Redondo Beach and Temecula Internet Marketing Company Specializes in SEO and Web Design

Full Circle Consulting is local to both the South Bay (Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula) and Temecula Valley (Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, San Diego) areas. (more…)

Chiropractor SEO for a Chiropractic Website

Full Circle Consulting has shown significant web traffic results for many of our Chiropractic website clients. While we didn’t set out to specialize in Internet Marketing for Chiropractors, we are slowly becoming the experts when it comes to marketing Chiropractic websites. (more…)

Why Socialization is Important for Small Businesses

Many of our clients ask us: “Why do I need a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter Account? I’m just a small business. How can these social medias help my business?”

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace all play a roll in web marketing. While most of these social network sites are perceived to be just that, a place where users share personal photos and messages with each other, they can also be a very powerful tool in connecting with a small businesses’ existing clientele.

Ask yourself this: “Why is it important that you keep a list of email addresses for your existing customers?” Many would answer that this is done to maintain contact with existing customers as to business happenings, special offers and promotions. Ask yourself another question: “How many of your clients are READING these emails?” Most statistics state that only 20% of non-personal emails are read when they are coming to users from businesses. If only 20% of your clients are hearing about an ongoing special that you are offering how effective is your marketing campaign? Not very.

Here is where social media sites come in. In the same breath that you ask your clients to provide to you their email address, why not provide for them a small business card that gives them incentive to sign up to your businesses’ Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account. This incentive could include a free giveaway or simply a small discount off of their next visit or purchase. Now you have three different methods to attract your clients to your next promotion or special offer. People also pay much more attention to their Facebook pages and their Twitter accounts then they do ‘junk mail’. They perceive their Facebook and Twitter accounts to be personal connections and don’t perceive messages in those mediums as ‘junk mail’. Your clients are also very likely to have these social networks integrated into their mobile phones. Now you are reaching your target audience whenever and wherever they are and you are doing it with a medium that is much more likely to be noticed than just a simple email campaign.

Feel free to contact us at Full Circle Consulting so we can assist you in socializing your small business.